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I have sleep apnea and use this blog to provide unbiased info about sleep apnea to create sleep apnea awareness. If you have sleep apnea, it is important to seek treatment.

The Pittsburgh Steelers want you to know about sleep apnea

Check it out, the Pittsburgh Steelers and ESPN want you to know about sleep apnea. A group of Pittsburgh Steelers and ESPN 1250 Radio members did an event at a Pennsylvania mall in order to increase awareness about sleep apnea.

According to the article, Steeler Chukky Okobi has sleep apnea as does cornerback Deshea Townsend's brother. So does ESPN 1250 general manger Mike Thompson.

Their goals are similar to this website - to create awareness about sleep apnea. Some of the signs of sleep apnea can include regular:

• Daytime sleepiness or dozing off while driving
• Falling asleep at inappropriate times or fighting to stay awake after a full night of rest
• Loud snoring, gasping or choking
• Depression
• Irritability or mood swings
• Sexual dysfunction
• Morning headaches often accompanied by a dry throat
• Frequent nighttime urination
• Lack of concentration
• Memory impairment

Najeh Davenport

What about you? Are you aware of the signs of sleep apnea?


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